Golf preview

Our golfing program provides an excellent opportunity for company events and team buildings. During the event, the participants will get a taste of the basics and beauty of golf sports with the help of our qualified trainers. There is a golf course, a golf course or a pleasant walk, where you can find interesting information about the course and club life. Our partners can choose from half-day or full-day programs.

Guests arriving to us will be welcomed with a welcome drink and then the golf program will begin, with long punches and putt drills with our certified PGA trainers. Lunch, which can be served according to the customer's wishes, can be served on the terrace of our clubhouse or in our event tent, depending on the number of buffet or dish service. Visitors can see the beautiful natural surroundings of our golf course and enjoy the unparalleled panorama of Lake Balaton and the diverse design of the course.

In addition to group golf training, career paths, player home championships, we are also able to provide other free and indoor team building programs. If desired, we will enrich the program with fun games such as blind slalom and a tricky golf show by our trainers.
Blind Slalom: Players compete in 2-person teams. The blinded driver, referring to his partner's words, makes the slalom track.
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